"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people...They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." ~Thomas Jefferson

"The Opinion of others I very little regard, & have a thorough Contempt for all men, be their Names Characters & Stations what they may, who appear to be the irreclaimable Enemies of Religion & Liberty."
Samuel Adams

Citizen Uprisings

WE must acknowledge that the only force for real change and significant reforms in all levels of government will be US – ordinary citizens.

Electing the “right people” might help, but don’t count on it or wait.  WE must take action.  It will not take a majority to win this fight.  Instead to quote Sam Adams, “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”.

There is no doubt that millions of Americans have experienced a Great Awakening over the last decade. Some began during the fiscally irresponsible Bush administration which grew the size and scope of government as well as the national debt.  Others were shocked at the explosive growth of government and debt during the Obama administration.

Far too many still futilely believe that putting one party in power will magically fix everything.  Or worse, many seem to focus their efforts on elections to simply slow down our collapse.

True change will only come via other – PEACEFUL – actions.  More and more citizens seem to be taking such actions.  From Clark County Illinois, EAGNews.org reports:

Illinois citizens are taking matters into their own hands and bringing politicians to justice.

… members of a watchdog group recently placed an entire parks board under citizen’s arrest after it repeatedly broke state law.

The parks board wasn’t allowing public comment on its agenda or other issues, in violation of state law.

“Around 30 people showed up at a Clark County Park District Board meeting … After most sat through a 2-1/2 hour closed session, the board returned to open session only to inform the crowd that they would not be allowed to speak to board members,” NBC 5 reports.

John Kraft, a leader of a group called “Illinois Leaks,” had enough…

He announced the members of the board were under citizen’s arrest and asked someone to call 911 to get a sheriff’s deputy.

“Board attorney Kate Yargus could be heard … saying there would be no public comment that night, and told the board members they were ‘free to go,’ even after Kraft’s citizen’s arrest announcement,” the news station reports.

But when the sheriff himself arrived, he agreed with Kraft’s interpretation of the law, not the lawyer’s.

“It’s not that they should have [allowed comment]. They’re mandated to,” Clark County Sheriff Jerry Parsley said. “The people need to have their voice. It’s not a dictatorship. It’s a democracy.”

Kirk Allen, another leader of Illinois Leaks, filed a lawsuit aimed at forcing the government board to follow the law.”

We do not recommend “citizens arrests”.  Many other efforts can be made to publicize such arrogance by the Political Class and legal actions do not require a ton of money or effort.  In Pennsylvania, Sunshine Act violations can easily be filed “pro-se”, meaning an individual or group of individuals represent themselves without an attorney.  Obviously, the best course of action is to obtain an attorney if you can afford one or find one who believes in government accountability who might represent you at a greatly reduced fee.

Mr. Kraft, Mr. Allen and Sheriff Parsley are citizen heroes and patriots.

The parks board and especially Board Attorney Yargus represent the ENTIRE problem with government in our country today.  Too often, Solicitors will say anything when asked questions about the legality of actions.  Too often, elected or appointed bodies view citizen involvement as a nuisance which delays or prevents their ‘important’ work.  They prefer to work in secrecy and the Political Class protects each other regardless of political party.

Do not merely accept the mighty lawyer’s pronouncements with blind faith because they represent those who pay them.  That does not mean the taxpayers.  To these lackeys it means those who hired them and sign their checks – the Political Class.

LfL is coaching a specific and simple tactic for reform minded elected officials or citizen activists to demand more accountability.


The Top Ten Myths of Big Government

What are we trying to accomplish at LfL?

We are not here to promote one political team with an elephant logo while working against the other political team with a donkey logo.  Both teams are to blame for our current situation.

We don’t believe that elections will provide the ultimate solution.  Sure, some rare leaders who truly believe in, and fight for, limited government principles will help when they win elections.  But enough will never win unless a majority of the public demands such leaders.

That is what we work to accomplish.

Is it an impossible goal?

If it is impossible, then the Republic and our Founding Principles will indeed be lost forever.

But, I don’t believe it is impossible.

So how do WE change a significant portion of the public to demand leadership based on limited government principles?

WE must relentlessly, yet patiently, destroy the Top Ten Myths of Big Government.

These myths permeate every level of government.  The Political Class not only believes in these myths and perpetuates them, they actually RELY on them.  These myths exist in your school district, municipality, state and federal levels of government.



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