"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people...They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." ~Thomas Jefferson

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them."
Patrick Henry

Big Government Bullies STOPPED!

Some seem perplexed and ask how I can be optimistic.  Yes, there is a logical path our country is following and there will indeed be great convulsions in the future.  Yet, as Jefferson wrote to John Adams in 1816, “I steer my bark with Hope in the head, leaving Fear astern.”

But if we face fiscal collapse and other convulsions how can I steer with Hope?

Because like Jefferson and many of our Founding Fathers, they placed great faith in the people.  Thomas Paine’s influential Common Sense not only referred to the commons sense arguments for independence but must have also referred to the common sense of the pamphlets audience – the people.

Such common sense, when not distorted by the perversions of both political parties, provides an unbreakable foundation of strength for our society and self-government.  This common sense is greatly strengthened, like steel bars in reinforced concrete, by a natural and healthy distrust in government.

Jefferson also wrote, “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.”

Such a spirit can take small forms or large, but all are important.  Such spirit resides in the genes of Americanism.

We posted a blog, “These Threats MUST be STOPPED!” about a 9 year old boy who placed a free library in his front yard.  It basically was the size of a large bird feeder.  Well, the town government and some bullying citizens would have none of that!

It seems that little boy addressed the city council who decided to allow the practice of actually promoting the practice of reading on private property.

The DailySignal reports:

Call it a victory for common sense.

City officials in Leawood, Kan., have reversed course after ordering a 9-year-old boy to tear down the little free library he built in his front yard for Mother’s Day.

Late last Monday night, after Spencer Collins had appeared before the Leawood City Council to advocate for permission to share his love of reading books with his neighbors, the Council unanimously approved a temporary measure that would allow the free little library to stand in his yard.

The Council has proposed a more permanent solution to allow little free libraries in Leawood. It will be taken up in October after a public-comment period.

...The story attracted national attention, and more than 31,000 people expressed support for Spencer on his Facebook page. With media pressure mounting, the city council was forced to address the publicity nightmare it created.

Spencer addressed the city council to explain his position. “I think free little libraries are good for Leawood, and I hope you will change the code,” he said.

…Ultimately, the Council agreed with Spencer and unanimously approved a moratorium that exempts little libraries.”

Sadly, where there is common sense there are some who wish to impose their petty complaints and will upon others.  The article continues:

Not everyone was happy, though.

“Why do we pay taxes for libraries and have those boxes on the street?” asked one attendee. Another member claimed the little libraries were eyesores and argued, “You will destroy Leawood if you destroy our codes and bylaws.”

Really?  An “eyesore”?  Then don’t look.

The other resident really raises an interesting point. 



Walking Dead Man and Obstructionists

As predicted over a year ago, Governor Corbett’s re-election campaign is in serious trouble.  A TribLive poll shows that Candidate Wolf has a 22 point lead over the incumbent and only 53% of Republicans think Corbett deserves to be re-elected.  The National Journal gave Governor Corbett its “Dead Man Walking” award.

The Governor’s numbers are so low, not because he has moved too far to the right, but because he governed like a “moderate”, Big Government, Progressive Republican.  Like Governor Rendell, Corbett has handed out hundreds of millions of dollars of corporate welfare.  Like Governor Rendell, Corbett has continued massive borrowing.  And like Governor Rendell, Corbett has raised taxes with his 28 cent gasoline tax.

Governor Corbett had the political muscle to push through these and other Big Government initiatives but failed to push through any real, limited government reforms.

A friend of mine summed it up best:  “We elected him to do three things – privatize the liquor stores, reform pensions and reform government unions and we got nothing.” 

I simply replied, “We got a 30 cent gas tax increase.”

That is why Corbett is in serious trouble.  Limited government conservatives are not buying the BS anymore from the political class.  We keep hearing, in races all over the country, “But you can’t let a Democrat win!”  Um, yes we can. 

That is why Romney lost.  Millions did not vote for him.  We knew we would have more debt, more government growth, and RomneyCare.  Has President Obama been worse than a Romney Presidency would have been?  Sure.  But the direction would have been the same with only a slightly slower rate of speed.

Millions have decided not to vote for bigger government anymore.  I will only vote for LESS government.

A recent Morning Call article reported:

A new poll suggests that Republican Gov. Tom Corbett doesn't have the backing of groups considered some of his party's staunchest supporters.

Thirty-four percent of fundamentalist or born-again Christians said they would vote for Tom Wolf, Corbett's Democratic challenger, compared with 32 percent for Corbett, according to a poll by Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster.

Wolf has a 7-point lead among gun owners: 41 percent to Corbett's 34 percent. Twenty-four percent of gun owners and 33 percent of Christian fundamentalists said they were undecided.

"These are stunning numbers," said Ben Melusky, an instructor of political science at Gettysburg College. "The far right is saying they're going to vote for Wolf."

Corbett still has a leg up on Wolf in his own party, according to the poll. Fifty-five percent of Republicans said they would vote for Corbett, while 19 percent said they favor Wolf.

The governor also holds the support of voters who identify themselves as conservative, with 52 percent saying they would vote for him compared with 14 percent for Wolf."

It seems that a significant number of conservatives agree with me.

But to be fair, a number of other Republicans share the blame for Big Government, Progressive initiatives and a lack of serious reforms.  These Big Government, Progressive Republicans lurk in the State House and State Senate and obstruct all attempts at real reform.

Who are these Big Government obstructionists? 



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